Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cookie Day! Dec. 15

Today we rode in the car again - and went through another Drive-thru and got fries! I really like these Drive-thru things! We went to another new place - cousin Diana & Kathy's for a thing mom calls "Cookie Day."

I got to see Millie again! And a new dog named Goldie who lives there. We all had fun playing all day. I was very good, though I guess I got under foot a little bit. Mom made cookies with her cousins, her aunt and her aunt's friend, Sue. Everyone laughed a lot and seemed to be having a really fun time.

Goldie (L) Millie (top) and me (R)

Cookie-makers Marilyn (Millie's mom), Kathy and Nicole.

Kathy and Diana (Mary Ann in the background).

They put lights on the Christmas tree, too!

On the way home mom stopped at a Drive-thru again and got something called chicken nuggets at Wendy's. She gave me a few nibbles and they are really great! When we got home I was so tired from playing so much I took a long nap. Making cookies is really tiring but a LOT of fun!

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