Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cookie Day! Dec. 15

Today we rode in the car again - and went through another Drive-thru and got fries! I really like these Drive-thru things! We went to another new place - cousin Diana & Kathy's for a thing mom calls "Cookie Day."

I got to see Millie again! And a new dog named Goldie who lives there. We all had fun playing all day. I was very good, though I guess I got under foot a little bit. Mom made cookies with her cousins, her aunt and her aunt's friend, Sue. Everyone laughed a lot and seemed to be having a really fun time.

Goldie (L) Millie (top) and me (R)

Cookie-makers Marilyn (Millie's mom), Kathy and Nicole.

Kathy and Diana (Mary Ann in the background).

They put lights on the Christmas tree, too!

On the way home mom stopped at a Drive-thru again and got something called chicken nuggets at Wendy's. She gave me a few nibbles and they are really great! When we got home I was so tired from playing so much I took a long nap. Making cookies is really tiring but a LOT of fun!

Going Shopping at Easton - Dec. 9

Mama Pam was gone doing something she calls Christmas shopping this morning. But later in the day she got back and said I could go out with her to see the mall called Easton and all the holiday lights and decorations.

It was lots of fun to walk around and I was very good on the leash and stayed right with mom and didn't pull hardly at all. Lots of people stopped to ask what kind of dog I am and to say how cute I am! I get lots of attention and love it! Mom did complain that it was hard to get a picture of me... I can't make myself sit still long enough and I pop up before she can snap a good photo! Maybe I'll get the hang of it when I'm a little older.

It was pretty cold, I don't notice or mind, but mom didn't want to stay out very long so we came back home.

My First Visit to the Vet's Office - Dec. 4

Today I got to ride in the car again - and we went to a new place - called "the Vet's office." There were other kitties and doggies there coming and going. I met all sorts of friends. My mom says we will come back again in a month or so. Everyone says I'm so cute and wanted to cuddle me! They were all so nice, especially Dr. Melin. I didn't even mind the shot, but I really didn't like having nose drops -- that was pretty yucky! But it wasn't a big deal and it was pretty fun to go to there.

Meeting Cookie.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dec. 1 - I conquer the big stairs!

I decided today that I'd try going up the really big stairs. They used to scare me so much and mom would carry me up to go to bed, but since I've been doing steps outside so much I thought I'd give it a try -- and you know it wasn't hard at all! The cats seem to do it real easy so I figured I could do it if THEY could!

Mom got very excited and told me what a big boy I was to do the STEPS! They are a bit slippery for me but I was really brave and just kept going.

Here I am at the top landing. Mom says the photos are grainy cuz it's kind of dark in the hall - it was also really hard for me to sit still for the photo because I was SO excited to explore a new place!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baarlo goes to College!

Today was fun! Mom took me to Ohio State where she works and I got to meet a whole bunch of nice people! I even got to meet the Library Director and Pam's boss and her boss's boss - she really likes dogs. I met a lot of students on the Oval, too. We also went to another building called SEL and met Jim, Barry and Russ over there. I think everyone said that I'm very cute - and soft -- a lot of people think that I'm very soft.

Mom got food that thing called a drive-thru again and ate in the car. It was called Taco Bell and she gave me a few nibbles of her burrito shell, not as good as the fries, but I liked it, too. Then we went to a place called the "Short North" and went in a couple neat shops -- shops just for dogs! I was very good and didn't grab at the toys or anything. I just enjoyed the neat smells. The shop owner gave me a treat and took my photo and said that I'd go on her web site! She also thought I was very cute --  here's the link to their site -   Posh Pets FaceBook page

I had a really big day so I was REALLY tired when we got home so I took a very long nap and let mom get a bunch of stuff done. I hope we do more stuff like this because I had a blast!

Back to Aunt Paula's

At the end of the Thanksgiving day we got sad news and we came back to Aunt Paula's on Monday for a thing called a funeral - but I helped everyone not be quite so sad. We stayed for 3 nights and I was a really good boy -- even better than the last time, mom says. I hardly even made a peep when I had to go to bed in my travel kennel. As long as I can see that mom is in the room, I'm ok. But if she leaves I do cry a bit, ok, well, a lot. But I get scared that she'll leave me and I can't help it.

We had a lot of fun staying at Aunt Paula's and I got to run outside in the yard some more. I am learning that mom wants me to ring these jingle bells to let her know I want to go outside. It's kind of weird, but I guess that's what she wants so I'm trying to remember to do it.

Here's the people that mom was hanging out with - her pack family. There's Bob and Diana (they came from Tennesee) in the front, then Mary Ann and Dale, in back is mama Pam and then Aunt Paula and cousin Bob (he came from Florida!). I can tell they are a close family and we had a great time visiting with them. This photo was taken at a place called Marion's Pizza and they all seemed to like it a lot, but I'm a little annoyed that they didn't share any pizza with me - I had to stay at home in my crate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was Thanksgiving today - AND my 9 week birthday, too! We went on a really long car ride (mom said it was only an hour, but it's the longest I've been in the car yet) and went to a neat place that is called Aunt Paula's. It was a fun place full of really friendly people - I think they are my mom's pack, er, I mean family. They all seemed to like me a lot and I got a LOT of attention!

 There was a nice dog there named Millie and we got to play outside a lot - boy Millie can run REALLY FAST! She tired me out! We even got to run without our leashes on in the back yard and play in the leaves. I also liked playing with Millie's toy, "cousin Larry." He's a lot like my hedgehog toy.

Thanksgiving is a fun holiday - and I can't wait for another one!