Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Birthday! 2 Months old!

Today was my birthday - I'm two months old! Today was another busy day. We are going outside a lot and I'm starting to get used to that. I still make some mistakes in the house but I'm getting better. Mama Pam got some steps for me so I can get on the couch with her and I now have that down pretty well, but I prefer to jump off rather than go down the steps – it's quicker and much more fun!

We took a walk down the block and back and then we went to another pet store this afternoon. Everyone oohed and aahed over me again and wanted to pet me. I feel like a celebrity and Mama Pam is really proud of how nicely I am behaving. I didn't potty once in the stores and I sit nicely to meet people.  It's fun to go out and meet people. She snuck me into Target also - she put me in a big red cart. I wasn't too sure about it, but I played along. Four young girls got so excited to see me and started taking pictures of me with their cell phones. I felt very important! Everyone wants a puppy just like me!

Here I am in the car when we stopped to get gas, apparently that is what makes the car go. I was really good and didn't even bark once when Mama Pam got out to get the gas into the car. I don't why that was such a big deal, but Mama Pam was really pleased with me about that. She took me for treats at a place called KFC and we got popcorn chicken - it was pretty tasty. She thought I'd like that better than cake for my birthday.

Here's my new tag and collar that we got yesterday. Mama Pam says it's easier to use because it's bigger than the other one. I still think it itches and I don't really like collars but I guess I've got to get used to it.

I was really tired from my big day. I really like to sleep with my head on my water bowl. Mama Pam says that the doggie she used to have did that a lot, too. I think it's a Keeshond thing. I really like stomping my feet in it, too - it's great fun, though I don't think mom's too happy about it especially when I jump on her right after! I just can't help myself. I think it was a pretty neat birthday.

Monday, November 19, 2012

First Trip to the Pet Store!

Today was another busy day! We got to take a little walk down to the corner and back up. Then a little later we went in the car again – but for longer this time. We went to a place called the pet store and I had a great time. I was a big boy and didn't get too scared.

There were a lot of noises and people to watch – I really like to watch people to see what they are going to do, they are just fascinating.

I met a LOT of nice, friendly people and doggies. Everyone Oohed and Aaah'd over me and said I was the cutest puppy they EVER saw! I was very polite and sat quietly to meet everyone. Mama Pam seemed very impressed and surprised at my good behavior.... but that's the polite way to act and I knew it.

Here I am meeting Rocky, the Chihuaua... Mama Pam missed getting us touching noses - before we said hello like normal dogs. I met a Cockapoo named Roxy and two really noisy Bichon Frisees (I'm kind of glad they were in a cart, they were a little scary). Everyone said I was so soft and fluffy.

Mama Pam explained about how to say the type of dog I am.... a Keeshond, but you say it "Kayzhawnd" and most people don't know that.

I walked all around the store with Mama Pam and stayed right with her the whole time – she says that is very close to something called "heel" but I just like following her around. We came around one corner and I saw this really cute doggie and started checking him out. Then Mama Pam explained that it was ME! Well no wonder everyone said I was cute! I had no idea that's what I looked like!  Who knew?

I got a new collar and we also got an engraved tag for that kittie named Bromley, in case he gets out again (though between you and me I don't he's going to try that again any time soon). Two little girls came over to pet me very nicely while Mama Pam was getting the tag engraved. It's nice to get so much attention. The one thing that really scared me was these doors that opened and shut all on their own... that was just freaky!

Then on the way home Mama Pam said we'd go through a thing called a Drive-thru, whatever that is. I thought it was a good time for another nap. I really like to nap. But then I smelled this really great smell and got to eat these SUPER yummy things called fries. They were SO tasty! Wow. I hope we get more of those again.

Mama Pam also got some steps earlier today so I can get on and off the couch. I am starting to learn to use them to go up – now that she's making it worth my while by offering fries – but it's much easier to just jump off and I like how it scares the cats!

It was a big, busy day today!

Sunday and the Lost Kittie

Mama Pam says I was doing really well on my second day, I am learning to "sit" and "down" and I'm trying real hard to do the steps, but they are pretty scary. Mama Pam keeps carrying me when I get scared and don't know what to do.

Oh, you are wondering about the photo of the kitty? Well on Sunday he got outside when we went out so I could potty. But Mama Pam didn't know it cuz she was paying attention to me I guess. Well later when she realized that Bromley was missing she got REAL sad and upset. We went on a long walk looking for him. And later we went out in the car. Pam says I'm VERY good in the car and I behaved SO well. I didn't think it was any big deal really – I thought it seemed like a good place to try to take a nap, it was pretty relaxing, really.

But we didn't find the kitty and Mama Pam got sadder and sadder. I wanted to help but didn't know what to do. Finally, really late that night we went out so I could potty one last time before bedtime and we heard Bromley meowing! He was by those back steps (maybe they scare him, too) and Mama Pam was SO excited to find him. I am kind of glad, too, because he's the nicest to me of all the kitties. He treats me like a friend and even lets me lick him.

We all went up to bed and Bromley got to sleep on Mama Pam's bed, though I still had to be in my upstairs kennel. I don't really like it as much as my downstairs kennel, but it's ok, I guess.

My New Home

 Wow I got to go to my new home. (It was Thursday, Nov. 15, at least that is what mama Pam says - I don't understand this thing called a calendar). I just know it was a stressful day but kinda fun, too. I got packed up in a car and got to go home with mama Pam tonight. I really like having my very own kennel-cage.... it's so snug I went right in and curled up. I also curled up and slept on the couch next to my new mama, she really seems to like when I do that.

There are a lot of cats here and they are fun to jump after - I think they are playing a game, so I am going to keep trying to catch them - it's a really fun game! One that seems to be called Bromley is really friendly. He and I cuddled up together on the couch. I think he's pretty neat.

 I think I am going to like it here pretty well, but some stuff is kind of scary, like the steps out back. The leaves in the yard are really fun to play in though. There's a lot of new stuff I'm just not really sure about yet. But mama Pam keeps telling me what a good boy I am and I think I will like it here.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Visit for Me!

Hi, it's me again! I can tell I'm really special because I had another visitor again tonight. Yep, mama Pam came back to see me. I can tell she was really excited to see me, she held me for a long time and hugged me. I got to play with her, too.

Then I got brushed a little and mama Debbie trimmed my toenails. I didn't bark or anything. My sister - her name is going to be Apple I'm told – she's still barking quite a lot. That's ok with me, cuz she makes me look like a little angel. Well, ok, not when I pottied on the floor a couple of times. I'm sure mama Pam will show me how to not do that any more when I go to live with her.

Mama Pam says she will have to finish uploading photos of me tomorrow because she's got to get up early to go vote tomorrow. She helps to get to decide who the top Alpha dog of the whole country will be – I guess it's kind of a big deal. If I get yummy food and time to play I guess it won't make any difference to me.

Come back and see me again soon. I get to go home with Pam next week!