Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baarlo goes to College!

Today was fun! Mom took me to Ohio State where she works and I got to meet a whole bunch of nice people! I even got to meet the Library Director and Pam's boss and her boss's boss - she really likes dogs. I met a lot of students on the Oval, too. We also went to another building called SEL and met Jim, Barry and Russ over there. I think everyone said that I'm very cute - and soft -- a lot of people think that I'm very soft.

Mom got food that thing called a drive-thru again and ate in the car. It was called Taco Bell and she gave me a few nibbles of her burrito shell, not as good as the fries, but I liked it, too. Then we went to a place called the "Short North" and went in a couple neat shops -- shops just for dogs! I was very good and didn't grab at the toys or anything. I just enjoyed the neat smells. The shop owner gave me a treat and took my photo and said that I'd go on her web site! She also thought I was very cute --  here's the link to their site -   Posh Pets FaceBook page

I had a really big day so I was REALLY tired when we got home so I took a very long nap and let mom get a bunch of stuff done. I hope we do more stuff like this because I had a blast!

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