Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Birthday! 2 Months old!

Today was my birthday - I'm two months old! Today was another busy day. We are going outside a lot and I'm starting to get used to that. I still make some mistakes in the house but I'm getting better. Mama Pam got some steps for me so I can get on the couch with her and I now have that down pretty well, but I prefer to jump off rather than go down the steps – it's quicker and much more fun!

We took a walk down the block and back and then we went to another pet store this afternoon. Everyone oohed and aahed over me again and wanted to pet me. I feel like a celebrity and Mama Pam is really proud of how nicely I am behaving. I didn't potty once in the stores and I sit nicely to meet people.  It's fun to go out and meet people. She snuck me into Target also - she put me in a big red cart. I wasn't too sure about it, but I played along. Four young girls got so excited to see me and started taking pictures of me with their cell phones. I felt very important! Everyone wants a puppy just like me!

Here I am in the car when we stopped to get gas, apparently that is what makes the car go. I was really good and didn't even bark once when Mama Pam got out to get the gas into the car. I don't why that was such a big deal, but Mama Pam was really pleased with me about that. She took me for treats at a place called KFC and we got popcorn chicken - it was pretty tasty. She thought I'd like that better than cake for my birthday.

Here's my new tag and collar that we got yesterday. Mama Pam says it's easier to use because it's bigger than the other one. I still think it itches and I don't really like collars but I guess I've got to get used to it.

I was really tired from my big day. I really like to sleep with my head on my water bowl. Mama Pam says that the doggie she used to have did that a lot, too. I think it's a Keeshond thing. I really like stomping my feet in it, too - it's great fun, though I don't think mom's too happy about it especially when I jump on her right after! I just can't help myself. I think it was a pretty neat birthday.

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