Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday and the Lost Kittie

Mama Pam says I was doing really well on my second day, I am learning to "sit" and "down" and I'm trying real hard to do the steps, but they are pretty scary. Mama Pam keeps carrying me when I get scared and don't know what to do.

Oh, you are wondering about the photo of the kitty? Well on Sunday he got outside when we went out so I could potty. But Mama Pam didn't know it cuz she was paying attention to me I guess. Well later when she realized that Bromley was missing she got REAL sad and upset. We went on a long walk looking for him. And later we went out in the car. Pam says I'm VERY good in the car and I behaved SO well. I didn't think it was any big deal really – I thought it seemed like a good place to try to take a nap, it was pretty relaxing, really.

But we didn't find the kitty and Mama Pam got sadder and sadder. I wanted to help but didn't know what to do. Finally, really late that night we went out so I could potty one last time before bedtime and we heard Bromley meowing! He was by those back steps (maybe they scare him, too) and Mama Pam was SO excited to find him. I am kind of glad, too, because he's the nicest to me of all the kitties. He treats me like a friend and even lets me lick him.

We all went up to bed and Bromley got to sleep on Mama Pam's bed, though I still had to be in my upstairs kennel. I don't really like it as much as my downstairs kennel, but it's ok, I guess.

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