Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hi, I'm new here... I mean REALLY new! I'm a 5-week-old Keeshond puppy. My mom, my human-mom, that is, thought it would be a great idea if she kept a blog for me so I could share stuff with you. I'm not exactly sure what that means since I barely know anything about the world just yet, other than I really love to eat, sleep and play with my two sisters, but if my mom-to-be thinks it's good, then I'm sure it must be.

I was born to my real doggie mom, Jammers on September 20th. It was really early in the morning. My doggie papa is called Fire and he belongs to Debbie and Robin who are raising me until I get to go to my forever home with my adoptive mom, Pam. But that won't be for several more weeks now. Pam has come out to visit me a couple of times and I can tell that she's really excited to get to meet me. I licked her nose and cuddled with her and she seems pretty cool. Right now I mostly play with my two sisters and enjoy eating as much as I can - I'm a pretty tubby thing from what they are telling me, I guess.

I'm sure my human-mom will leave more updates when she gets to see me again and even more stuff when I get to go home with her. She tells me I get to meet more cats, there's only one where I live now and I don't get to play with her too much yet. I hope the new cats will be fun! I think my mom has some pictures of me and videos to share, too.

Here's a video when I was 10 days old, I don't remember this, but mom says I was pretty cute!  Baarlo video at 10 days old

Here's a video of that day and I'm singing a little song - I was really happy! Baarlo singing a little puppy song

And here's another video mom made using pictures she took of me (she seems to like doing stuff like that). Video Montage of Baarlo at 2 and 4 weeks old

Well I got my shots today and I'm pretty pooped so I'm gonna go. See ya again soon!


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